3 Important Types Of Pet Supplements Every Dog Owner Should Know

5 May 2020
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You give your dog a lot of love, and you probably go out of your way to get them the food and treats that they like. However, just like humans, dogs do not always get everything they need or enough of what they need from their food and treats. Dog supplements are readily available through veterinarians and pet supplement suppliers, and there are a few that are well worth getting to know as a canine owner. 

Joint Care Supplements 

Many dogs, both small and large breeds, are prone to joint conditions like hip dysplasia. Something like hip dysplasia can have genetic factors, but the dog's diet and nutrition also have a lot to do with their risks of developing these joint conditions. Joint care supplements contain things like glucosamine and chondroitin, which can support the health of cartilage, tendons, and soft tissues around joints so the joints are better protected from impact during typical movements. If you have a dog that is especially prone to hip dysplasia or other joint health problems, it doesn't hurt to get them started on a supplement early in life. 

Stool-Eating Deterrent Supplements

It's a disturbing topic and not something that most dog owners will come out and tell you their dog has a problem with. However, canines do occasionally turn to excrement (whether it's their own, another dog's, or the cat's) as something to munch on. Dogs do this for a lot of reasons; some dogs do it out of curiosity much like a child puts odd things in their mouth to get familiar with it. But some dogs eat stool because there is some kind of nutrient in there that the dog needs. Though this may initially frustrate you as a pet owner, once you understand the reason behind it, you can provide the nutrients needed through supplementation so your dog stops going after the forbidden snacks from the litter box or backyard. 

Skin and Coat Health Supplements 

Protecting your dog's skin and coat helps them stay beautiful, but it is also important for the health and comfort of the dog. For example, a dog that has an unhealthy coat can be more vulnerable to parasites due to thinning hair, and a dog with dry, unhealthy skin can have issues with itching. Skin and coat health supplements are formulated with important vitamins and nutrients that dogs specifically need to maintain healthy skin and healthy hair. As an advantage, some supplements can help deter issues with unwanted shedding.